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What do you find the most challenging in Accpuntant role

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What is an audit process?

0 Answers  

Can somebody explained IAS 11 construction contract in terms of general entries. and is there any possibility when WIP classified as non current assets.

1 Answers   ITC Infotech,

what is the process of Form H ?

1 Answers  


1 Answers  

audit papers

2 Answers  

how two calculate capital a/c

2 Answers   TATA,

what do you mean acculmated depreciation?

14 Answers   Deloitte,

what difference b/w capital structure and financial structure?

1 Answers  

what is inventory and how can manage the inventory. what is ledger and what difference in inventory and ledger.

4 Answers   HCL, TATA,

How do you audit derivatives?

1 Answers  

I have received a sum of Rs.500 worth Bill from Vendor, which is relevent to 2004-05. But Outstanding Expenses not book during that Year? What is the Accounting Policies to book this expenses?

1 Answers  

Why we are prepareing Bank Reconciliation Statements ?

10 Answers