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how many types of Balance sheets?

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how many types of Balance sheets?..

Answer / rani

There are 2 type of balance sheet they are

1) Horizontal

2) Vertical

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how many types of Balance sheets?..

Answer / vishakha

There are different ways to classify Balance Sheets:

Based on Format of Preparation:
Horizontal and Vertical

Based on the Usage:
Consolidated or Standalone (For Share Holders of the Group Entity or individual entity)

Based on the Period:
Previous Year Balance Sheet
Current Year Balance Sheet

Management Consultants prepare Projected Balance Sheet for knowing the potential financial health of the corporation.

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how many types of Balance sheets?..

Answer / m.vishwa bharath

Format basis: 1)Horizontal Balance Sheet &
2)Vertical Balance sheet
Usage Basis : 1) Consolidated Balance Sheet &
2) Individual Balance sheet
Period Basis: 1)Previous Year Balance sheet
2)Current Year Balance Sheet &
3)Projected Balance Sheet

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how many types of Balance sheets?..

Answer / rohith

horizontal &verticle

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how many types of Balance sheets?..

Answer / shanth kumar

Two types

1.Assets or left side and liabilities on right side

2.Assests followed by liabilities

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