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OPI Global Interview Questions
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Is Bank Reconciliation Statement is compulsory prepared? Even when both cash & Bank Book are tally?

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how to introduce ourselves

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Ho to calculate FBT ? Which Exepense heads are comes under the category of FBT ? What is th e slab or rate ?

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what is entry for depreciation?

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What are intangible Assets?? ASKED 12.12.2008

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what is capital market and money market? what is primary market and secondary market?


what is the entry for accumulated depreciation?n why it is used?when it is necessary?

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what is sox? why it is used?

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what is the entry for accumulated depreciation?n why it is used?when it is necessary?

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Wat are the heads in Taxation?

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This question was in opi final round u give a loan for your friend a 1000 rs he returns 600 rs and u have to close ur accounts what should u do to close the accounts? and what is journal entry?

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Can v transfer trail balance to journal entry how and with example?


You give a loan for your friend a 1000 rs he returns 600 rs and u have to close ur accounts what should u do to close the accounts? and given the journal entry for 400 rs?and where will the 400 rs come in new account and entry for that

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you purchase a machinary on a loan what is the joury entry for that and where will you show the the loan amount in balance sheet and show the ledger account?

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what is the journal entry for sales on discont. what is the journal entry for purchase on diicount.


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plz send me interview questions for POWER GENERATING CORPORATION LIMITED. my mail id is ""


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