Accounting General Interview Questions
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P2P cycle with which accounts get effected at each stage

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O2C cycle with which accounts get effected

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wat is auto accounting

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On what basis you will define accounting structure

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Define each Flexfeild qualifiers (natural accounts, balancing acc., secondary tracking, cost center)

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If balancing account is not assigned to company & is assigned to department wat will be the effects

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Assigning natural account to accounting seg. What will happen

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wat is mass allocation and when it is used

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what is MD050

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what is withholding tax

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what is budgeting and steps required to configure this.

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What is contra entry?

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What is column cash book?

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what is Penal account

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What is general entry credit purchase?


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Tell us do you have any idea about service tax or excise?


say something about your school


Do you know what are trade bills?


Tell me what is the equation for acid-test ratio in accounting?


How to make a vat entry in books including setoff?


Hi,Friends, I have a simple question in my mind that I have one head office that in faridabad and other branch in delhi,i purchase material in delhi for availing the tax benefit in delhi then i transfer the same material to head office(faribabad) agianst "F" form,i purchased material in delhi basic price rs. 5 +.42 taxes it comes rs. 5.42/-,my question is on which amount i should transfer the material from delhi to faridabad i.e 5,5.42 or 5 + freight(if any).kindly please solve my problem.


Do you know how many types of business transactions are there in accounting?


List the type of transactions entered in journal proper.


what is t code of all expences general legder?


Productive Investment is Working Capital. Is it correct?


Tell me how can you explain the basic accounting equation?


Tell me what is public accounting?


Explain me have you ever heard about tds, what it is?


pass journal entry for Prepaid insurance


In South Africa, the value added tax is administered by?