Taxation Interview Questions
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What is 43B in an Indian Taxation?

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What is the Special provision for computing profits and gains of business of civil construction

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Define the 'Input Tax' in respect of Service Tax Act. What type of Input tax can be taken for the credit of tax payble?

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what is long term capital gains & short term capital gains ?

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what r the heads of taxation

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what is the journal entry of outstanding wages ?


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what is assessment year and previous year ?

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what is the tax of business income ?

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what r the deductions from salary ?

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i will get the tax exemption when my company offers medical premium that i will produce medical bills. plz clarify any one.

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what is vat? what is excise? what is form c & d in sales tax?

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What do you mean by Commercial Tax?

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How the dealer is paying Admitted Tax?

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What is Entertainment Tax?

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what is luxury tax?

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what is capital account? how to manage it? what is the process?


In an E1 trasaction, if the dealer fails to get the E1form from his supplier& submit it to the Sales Tax Authority, then how much will be the expected penalty from Sales Tax department, if the local tax of those item is 14.5%? Please Note: Dealer has submitted all other documents to sales tax including customer Cform expect E1 form. Kindly give us the valuable answer with the supporting CST circular number.


Define the term person?


if waybill issued by consignor , then c form issue whose responsibility?


We are a UK company selling electronic s/w licenses to customer in India. We have a PAN Number. Why is TDS being deducted on a product? Why is TDS calculated on the invoice value - surely it is supposed to be on Income and not Turnover? What is the correct TDS % deduction?


Provision for Service tax, Income tax and Sales tax


how we can access the Tax Deduction through PAN ?.


What is the procedures for withdrawing of form C?


What is total income?


I am working as account in one of the logistics company for one year. I would like to know about service tax and how can I post necessary entries


Any body tell me about VAT (Karnataka)shortly because, iam reading vat book but iam not able to understand that. if any body tell me shortly about karnataka vat, retursn, tax collectng, tax payment, CENVAT utilizing etc. pleseeeeee


In advance c form dvat why not showing the amount in form verification


Whether C Form can be issued for the transactions that made 5-6 years back? What are the procedures?


How to determine TDS on Salary ? what are Limit for HRA ,insurance premium , Loan installment, children education fee etc. what type of Deductions for salary. please Explain Full and complete this concept with one example which cover all aspects regarding TDS on Salary.


what is tax avoiding?