Taxation Interview Questions
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What is 43B in an Indian Taxation?

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What is the Special provision for computing profits and gains of business of civil construction

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Define the 'Input Tax' in respect of Service Tax Act. What type of Input tax can be taken for the credit of tax payble?

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what is long term capital gains & short term capital gains ?

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what r the heads of taxation

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what is the journal entry of outstanding wages ?


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what is assessment year and previous year ?

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what is the tax of business income ?

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what r the deductions from salary ?

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i will get the tax exemption when my company offers medical premium that i will produce medical bills. plz clarify any one.

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what is vat? what is excise? what is form c & d in sales tax?

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What do you mean by Commercial Tax?

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How the dealer is paying Admitted Tax?

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What is Entertainment Tax?

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what is luxury tax?

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Hai iam a VAT Registered dealer am a manufacturer and am going to sell my products to unregistered dealers i can pay d 4% vat.. how can i make my bill format for this anybdy kno means pls mail me.


can we take 100% input of contractor service tax billing where service receiver have to pay 50% service tax


when i send goods out side the state against c form from gujarat to bombay which forms will have to required, where i get it & what process of to get it , please give me the answer on my e.mail


what is the objective of business taxation in private company?


can we purchase software agaist Form under In the telecommunications network; or


what is highseas purchase and sales? how is custom duty calculated? what are the criteria for a person dealing in shares comes under tax audit? whether all equity oriented fund are eligble for stt?


Is there any change in the section 80DD for the financial year 2009-10


Dear sir, mu question is that can one lunch (Tiffin) provider person mention both vat or service tax on his bill. pls. give me answer. EXPLAIN BRIEFLY.


whether octroi service charge levied on entry tax? and is service tax levied on octroi service charge?


Which form used for registration in GST?


what is the procedure for Excisable goods transfer from Head office to branch and vice versa (the branch is located in the same state) also if the branch is located in other states. How will it affect the VAT returns


how & on which amt tax should be calculate on pvt ltd company or ltd company


if salary paid per month Rs 80000/ I will deduct TDS from his salary, please what I do explain.(send Urgently)


what is vat adjustmant?


how to modify 12% to 13.5% in tallyerp9 release 1.6