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Accounting AllOther Interview Questions
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why do u think u can be selected in the job?

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Is Bank Reconciliation Statement is compulsory prepared? Even when both cash & Bank Book are tally?

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While Scrutinizing the Trial Balance which error will catch you eye immediately...


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What do you mean by an Accounting Cycle....?????


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What are the golder rules of Accounts ?

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Can closing stock of current year be present in tht Trial Balance of said year...????

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What do you mean by SPOT Rate in case of Foreign Branch...???

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Under what rate will be the Head office related accounts, like Head Office Current A/c, Goods from Head Office A/c, will be converted in case of Foreign Branch...??

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Where will you show the EXCHANGE RATE RESERVES in final accounts....???

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What aspect of accounting do you dislike the most?

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If we were to call your current supervisor, in which area of accounting would he or she say is your strongest? Which area would he or she say is your weakest?

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what is the accounting period ?


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Queries for Big4 Articleship : Article Vacancies application starts when?

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Queries for Big4 Articleship : Procedure of application and selection? ( Resume, Cut off ? Rank, Contacts needed, Exams, Interviews, General Questions ? Personality traits, Special Knowledge etc.)

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1. Fdr mature with interest


fridge was capital or revenue?


why are you selecting for the profitbulity analysis costing based& active based


Since minority interest is balance sheet item, and got brought foward figure, how to disclose brought forward figure in consolidation work sheet instead of we make adjustment on current year to show their share in subsidiary.




What does stand for EPD,MIS? Can anyone tell me briefly n clearly about this?


npa is either person or account


Ram, the proprietor brought additional capital of Rs 75000/- by pledging his wifes gold.pass entry


What is the working formula for Inventory turnover




Hello... i am looking jobs in investment banking, derivates and BRS and i apply nakuri,Timesjobs and monster. But i did not get the job. so if websites and ID. Please help me.. Thanking u...


How do you avoid loss situation


Weather Entry tax on consumable goods purchased against CST


What are the duties of sales tax department? Explain it


What is share,Bond, sharecapital, Budgeting, BRS, CA, CL, WC, WACC, Depreciation, types of Depreciation, B/S, CF items and some transactions and Preference Share capital, Equity Share Capital , Debenture and practicle Questions to solve and tell there itself whether the co's good for investing opinion for problems to find out how good one is with basics.