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what is your career aspect & if they asked in general what
should i answer?

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where u want to see urself in 5 years? what motivated u to do a job in our firm? why we reqruit u in our firm?

1 Answers   Jet Airways, TPM,

where would you see yourself after 5yrs in the company

6 Answers   Genpact,

Why do you want to work here If hered If you take if How you benifit organization

2 Answers   Hewitt,

why are you want to join call centre. Don't say the same anwers, its a growing on. Give me different anwers.

5 Answers   HSBC, IBM,

Tell me about urself?

36 Answers   Airtel, Infosys, Persistent, TCS,

why do u want change u r org

0 Answers   Call Centre, IBM,

if you are from the science field ( B-pharmacy, Bsc, Msc) then why u want to join bpo

3 Answers  

How do you ensure that your departments goals are in line with the overall company goals?

0 Answers  

How would you manage your accommodation?

0 Answers   HSBC,

hi there, i am sarching my friend mark! is he there? he is toll good fluant and his eye colour brown but he is indian aru you any informention?

1 Answers  

For implementing a crm solution to your business what things need to take care of?

0 Answers  

tips for freshers!!! fot...that how to face a telephonic round in interview???

1 Answers   Wipro,