How can we calibrate THe Auto Titrator ?

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How can we calibrate THe Auto Titrator ?..

Answer / chemist

The heart of an autotitrator is the buret itself. You need
to calibrate the buret in terms of dosing rate accuracy.
You should verify at different dosing rate.

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How can we calibrate THe Auto Titrator ?..

Answer / krishnakumar

response of electrode- using ph 4.0 7.0 and 9.0 read the
millivolt reading and make a graph with ph vs mv .graph
slope is between 90 percent to 110percent

burette . by selecting 1 ml 2ml 5 ml 10 ml and 20 ml
titrant is water. check the weight of water in each step
and 1 percent limit is allowed from the selected volume

temperature- compare with calibrated thermometer at minimum
4 intervals .1 percent error is allowed from the calibrater
thermometer.correlation coefficient of temperature graph
actual and set value should be greater than 0.9

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How can we calibrate THe Auto Titrator ?..

Answer / chinnari sanjeevi

The main part of the autitrator is burette.first we calibrate the brunette by using water.after we calculate the disodium tarte water content by using water factor.after we calculate the precision.

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How can we calibrate THe Auto Titrator ?..

Answer / meenakshi sharma

Autoitrator is calibrated using two buffers i.e. pH 4.0 and
7.0 fr two electrodes i.e. aqueous and non aoues , and
limit of slope calculated is -55 to -65 .

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