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All Rector or Exchanger have spherical/hemispherical end

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All Rector or Exchanger have spherical/hemispherical end Why?..

Answer / nagarajan

Its in order to reduce the internal stress of the working

For eg., If Water Vapour Dry is the working substance in
the reactor or boiler and if the ends are square, at the
corners there are possiblities of pressure shoot up and
also possiblity of more pressure concentration at those
points. in order to avoid that, Spherical/Hemispherical
Vessels are used.

One more place where Spherical vessels are used for storage
is LPG Storage Containers

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All Rector or Exchanger have spherical/hemispherical end Why?..

Answer / karthick

i think sharp corners enhance stress concentration.if the
pressure of the fluid is raised against these corners crack rectangle or square or triangular shape is it is made up of cylindrical shape

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