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What is package versioning? Please give an example.

What is package versioning? Please give an example...

Answer / mani

Versioning allows multiple packages that share both the
schema and Package ID to co exist in the system catalogs.

A sample application called payroll is compiled from
payroll.sqc.This application would be precompiled and the
package payroll bound to the database and the application
delivered to the users.users then could run the application
in production.
If the application required modification (even without sql
changes) the process of recompiling,binding and sending the
application to the users must be repeated.If the version
option was not specified for this second precompilation of
payroll, the first package is replaced by second package.
Any user who attempts to run the old version of application
would get -818 error.To avoid this use VERSION and it allows
both versions of the appliction to run at the same time.

When the first version of Payroll was created, the version
option should be used during the precompilation step.


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