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Suppose a proc step has a DD statement like
and the above DD name is overridden from the JCL as given
//procstepname.ABC DD DSN=TEST.FILE3 - Will the DD
statement now have just TEST.FILE3 or it will be TEST.FILE3
Suppose if it is overridden twice like
//procstepname.ABC DD DSN=TEST.FILE3
//procstepname.ABC DD DSN=TEST.FILE4
Will this give a JCL error? If not, what will be final

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Suppose a proc step has a DD statement like //ABC DD DSN=TEST.FILE1,DISP=SHR DSN=TEST.FIL..

Answer / satheesh

If you CODE below ovverride in JCL
it will ignore File1 & file2.
To use all three files, please give below override in JCL
// DD

Q2:Giving two ovverrides for same DD, will it give JCL
No, Job will end with RC=0 and use second override ingonred
first one.

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Suppose a proc step has a DD statement like //ABC DD DSN=TEST.FILE1,DISP=SHR DSN=TEST.FIL..

Answer / pmacmo

Question 1:
If you just want TEST.FILE3 you must nullify the TEST.FILE1
and TEST.FILE2 concatenation as in:

Question 2:
TEST.FILE3 and TEST.FILE2, the second override will be

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