What is the smallest whole number that, when divided by 2,
leaves a remainder of 1; when divided by 3, leaves a
remainder of 2; and so on, up to leaving a remainder of 9
when divided by 10?

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Answer / raghu


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Answer / anil

Ans. is 2519.

we have to multiply all numbers from 2-10 keeping aside
common number.

2*3*4*5*7*3 = 2520
6 is left b'coz 2*3 is 6
9 = 3*3 hence, 3 is taken twice.

At last 2520-1.

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Answer / guest

smallest number is L.C.M(2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10)-1

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Answer / sudhanshu_kmr

According to the question when the number is divided by 2,3,..10 leaves remainder 1,2,...9 respectively. It means that if we increase the that number by 1 then it is divisible by each of the numbers 2,3,..10.

So, find a number that is common divisor of 2,3,4,...and 10.
And subtract 1 from it.

LCM of 2,3,..10 is 2520.
2520-1 = 2519

thus, 2519 is the required number.......

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Answer / anil


The ans is correct but still searching how to arrive at ans.

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Answer / ramesh kumar

2519/10=251 @ 9
2519/9=279 @ 8
/8=312 @ 7
/7=358 @ 6
/6=419 @ 5
/5=503 @ 4
/4=629 @ 3
/3=839 @ 2
/2=1259 @ 1

so that the answer should be 2519

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Answer / nazeera jaffar

First take LCM of 2,3,4,...upto 10
The answer is 2520.
Now when the number is divided and the results are compared with each other,it leaves 1 in each case.

So at last 2520-1=2519 is the answer.

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Answer / karthika


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Answer / lakshmi


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Answer / tinulin


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