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• Are you a day-scholar or a hosteller?

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• Are you a day-scholar or a hosteller?..

Answer / selvaraj

hosteller means one who studies (college or school) by
staying in the institutions staying place (ie hostel)

day-scholar means one who comes from house (either his own
house or his relatives/friends house) to college/school.

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• Are you a day-scholar or a hosteller?..

Answer / sudhanshu

hosteller means who live in hostel of college campus
day-scholar who live in out side hostel either he/she live in other hostel or live her home

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• Are you a day-scholar or a hosteller?..

Answer / n.s.patil

Both the day scholar and the hostellers are staying away
from their home and parents.

Hosteller stays under the care of hostel wardens or some
one else is responsible for his well being - just like baby
boy or baby girl.

Where as Day scholar, takes care of himself,a self

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• Are you a day-scholar or a hosteller?..

Answer / ab_ina7


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