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1. Can anyone help me with recovery scenarios, each type
with examples and also what is on error resume next?

1. Can anyone help me with recovery scenarios, each type with examples and also what is on error ..

Answer / ajay

While executing your scripts you may get some
UNEXPECTED/UNPREDICTABLE errors. (like printer out of
paper). To "recover" the test (and continue running) from
these unexpected errors you use Recovery Scenarios.
Trigger Event. The event that interrupts your run session.
For example, a window that may pop up on screen, or a QTP
run error.
Recovery Operations. The operations to perform to enable
QTP to continue running the test after the trigger event
interrupts the run session. For example, clicking an OK
button in a pop-up window, or restarting Microsoft Windows.
Post-Recovery Test Run Option. The instructions on how QTP
should proceed after the recovery operations have been
performed, and from which point in the test QTP should
continue, if at all. For example, you may want to restart a
test from the beginning, or skip a step entirely and
continue with the next step in the test.

On Erro resume Next:
If you can predict that a certain event may happen at a
specific point in your test or component, it is recommended
to handle that event directly within your test or component
by adding steps such as If statements or optional steps
or "on error resume next", rather than depending on a
recovery scenario. Using Recovery Scenarios may result in
unusually slow performance of your tests.They are designed
to handle a more generic set of unpredictable events which
CANNOT be handled programmatically.
For Example:
A recovery scenario can handle a printer error by clicking
the default button in the Printer Error message box.
You cannot handle this error directly in your test or
component, since you cannot know at what point the network
will return the printer error. You could try to handle this
event in your test or component by adding an If statement
immediately after the step that sent a file to the printer,
but if the network takes time to return the printer error,
your test or component may have progressed several steps
before the error is displayed. Therefore, for this type of
event, only a recovery scenario can handle it.
I would not go into details of how to create files and how
to define them since they are fully covered in QTP
Documentation. Mercury QuickTest Professional User's Guide
> Working with Advanced Testing Features > Defining and
Using Recovery Scenarios >

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