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HealthAsyst Interview Questions
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write a script to extract LIKE word from the sentence I LIKE Flowers

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What are environment variables and explain the use of the same.


hi, In A Table there are some columns and dynamic rows and in each row in first column there is a link with name. upon clicking on that link it will show some details. write the vbscript to check that link without descriptive programming?

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what is framework and types of framework? Need of framework in automation? write folder strucuture of framework.

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How do you invoke any application and write a script to invoke QTP using VB Script.

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there are having 10 can i check only first 5 check boxes by using descriptive programing..

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i have string "I LIKE INDIA" to i get LIKE from the sting..

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write script to read and write data from file ?

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what is life cycle of automation testing ?

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A contract is to paint 3 houses. Mr brown takes 6 days to paint a house. Mr black takes 8 days and Mr blue 12 days. Mr brown leaves for a vacation after 8 days. Mr black works for 6 days from then.How many days would Mr blue require to complete the contract?

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A circle is inscribed in a square. Another circle is circumscribed in a square of the same side used earlier. what is the ratio of the areas of the inscribed circle to that of the circumscribed circle?

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Each side of a rectangle is increased by 100%. What is the increase in % of its area?

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