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----------------------Diff b/w MOLAP and ROLAP?

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----------------------Diff b/w MOLAP and ROLAP?..

Answer / sandeep (cowboy), patni

MOLAP: OLAP which comminicates with the Multi Dimensional
ROLAP is Relational OLAP.

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----------------------Diff b/w MOLAP and ROLAP?..

Answer / uma

MOLAP: data stored in multi dimensional cube.ROLAP: relies on manipulating data from relational database. MOLAP:excellent performance cz data retrival is easy and also optimal for slicing and dicing,ROLAP:performance can be slow cz query time can be long if the data size is large. MOLAP: performs complex calculations and ROLAP difficult to perform. MOLAP: handles limited amt of data ROLAP: handles large amt of data

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----------------------Diff b/w MOLAP and ROLAP?..

Answer / sharath

1) molap is multidimensional olap
rolap is relational olap.

2)in molap we can acess cubes but not in rolap.

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----------------------Diff b/w MOLAP and ROLAP?..

Answer / suman palisetty

ROLAP has slower performance than MOLAP

ROLAP is more capable in handling large data volumes

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