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unit of tensile strength

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unit of tensile strength..

Answer / anil kamat

Newton per metre square , KgF/metre square

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unit of tensile strength..

Answer / karthick


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unit of tensile strength..

Answer / pushpendra

N/M2 OR Kgf/M2

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unit of tensile strength..

Answer / mohammad mansoor

tensile strength is defined as force acting per unit area
where unit of force is Newton and Area is m^2 so
Unit would be N/m^2
also, unit of pressure is Pascal=N/m^2=kgf/m^2
where, 1Newton =9.8 Kg

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unit of tensile strength..

Answer / vishnu


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unit of tensile strength..

Answer / sreenatha

Kg/mt2 or Kg/cm2
N/mt2 or MPa

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unit of tensile strength..

Answer / kashif haider naqvi

tensile strenght is like a presure force whch is produced
inside the body due to any mean of external force.
so its unit becomes:

in SI units

kashif haider

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unit of tensile strength..

Answer / n.ganesh


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unit of tensile strength..

Answer / dinesh


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unit of tensile strength..

Answer / rohit

newton/mm sq

newton/m sq

kg/cm sq

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