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Is there any other debugging tool for expeditor?

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Is there any other debugging tool for expeditor?..

Answer / mahipal

This is a debugging tool. Handly tool mostly widely used
everywhere. There are two types of expediting online exped
and batch exped.

For online exped you may first need to compile and link your
module. Supply your link to the exped job. The exped will
pick the module. You can use breakpoint for exped.

Similar is the case for Batch Exped.

Its all depends how your envirnornment allows you to set up.

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Is there any other debugging tool for expeditor?..

Answer / suma

Expediter is a debugging tool for testing in mainframe
environment. Other than Expediter i used smarttest for
testing. that is also another debugging tool in mainframe
environment. but expediter is more user friendly and flexible.


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