Balun is a transformer which changes

a). unbalanced to balanced line

b). balanced to unbalanced line

c). zero to infinite impedance

d). input like transformer

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Balun is a transformer which changes a). unbalanced to balanced line b..

Answer / ritesh sinha

balluns actually are used to convert balnced signal to
unbalancsd and vice versa. baluns have two pairs of
terminals one of which is balanced and othe is unbalanced
( side is connected to electrical ground and the other
carries the signal. so both the options a and b are correct.

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Balun is a transformer which changes a). unbalanced to balanced line b..

Answer / priya


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Balun is a transformer which changes a). unbalanced to balanced line b..

Answer / jegatheesh

the answer a & b are correct because the the term balun
derived combing both balance and unbalance it can convert
unbalance to balance and vice versa. it is mostly used in
television antenna it is act as isolating device

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