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Explain the concepts of Mergers, Aquisition And

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Explain the concepts of Mergers, Aquisition And Amalgamation?..

Answer / ravindra

merger means when two companies merge together and does the

acquisition means big company taking up small company

amalgmation means when two or more companies merge together
to form a new business is called amalgmation

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Explain the concepts of Mergers, Aquisition And Amalgamation?..

Answer / jp morgan

Merger: When two or more companies agree to combine,in a
consensus to do the business

Example:AOL/Time Warner and Daimler/Chrysler

Acquisition: Buyout/Takeover of one business entity by
another. Could be non-consensus too

Example: Oracle acquires people soft

Amalgamation: When two or more business units combine and
pool their resources to form a new separate entity.

Example:Amalgamation of Bank of Punjab and Centurion Bank
resulting in formation of Centurion Bank of Punjab

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Explain the concepts of Mergers, Aquisition And Amalgamation?..

Answer / murali

merger is nothing but merging of two equalent companies
aquisition is nothing but purchasing or aquiring of one compan
by other.
where as amalgamation is merging of two or more businesses
into single entity.

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