1./ Why are you seeking a job change? For better
opportunity & to learn more
2./ Have you ever worked abroad before? No
3./ Why do you want to work outside of your country? To
enhance my skills
4./ What are your long range career objectives? To serve
humanity with my skills
5./ What is your most significant accomplishment at your
last job? Completed my work before the given time with all
quality works. I inspired my team to achieve all targets
before the completion date
6./ How Well Do You Work In A Stressful Environment? Very
7./ What are your greatest strengths as a professional? My
commitment & hardwork
8./ As a manager how do you motivate people? I liked to
work as a team
9./ How will you train your employees? By telling them what
is right & how to do certain work with dedication
10./ What quality should a successful manager possess? Good
Communication with colleague & by inspiring the team
11./ What is the most difficult thing about being a manager
or executive? none
12./ Describe your management style.
13./ How do you deal with interpersonal problems in your
14./ Would you describe a difficult decision you have made.
15./ As a manager have you ever had to fire anyone? How did
you feel about it?
16./ Are you a risk taker? Do you easily take risks at work?
17./ Do you consider yourself successful?
18./ How do you keep yourself professionally updated?
19./ What do your co-workers say about you?
20./ When will you be ready to start working?

1./ Why are you seeking a job change? For better opportunity & to learn more 2./ Have you ev..

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