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what is the meening of performance cente and what is the
need ?

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what is the meening of performance cente and what is the need ?..

Answer / pushpalatha

Performance Center is nothing but it is the component from
where the performance test executions can be done. Simply
saying it is just like a HP LR Controller.
But the main difference and advantage is that HP
Performance Center is a web application and so you can use
this online.
Few advantages of PC over Controller:
1. as said earlier it is a web application
2. Many number of users can access the PC at the same time
to view or monitor the test executions whereas in
Controller this is not possible
3. Perf Testers can provide a slot(like a meeting slot) at
what time the executions to be performed. This is not at
all possible in Controller

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what is the meening of performance cente and what is the need ?..

Answer / madhu

PC is just like a controller. It is upgraded with ALM. We can directly open with Vugen. we have to buy licence for this one. we have to ZIP the script before pushing to the PC. in edit option we have provide manual/goal, ramp up, ramp down duration, schedule by scenario/group, real world/basic, provide the LG's
PC it self provide automatically set the LG's or we can manually allot the LG's. there is time slot option available. in this one we can book PC for particular time.
advantages PC : time slot booking, resource communication mechanism ( we can operate, we can get results any where ( but control we con't)
PC we use for web based applications, controller for stand alone applications

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