Where Can i get the Best training on Loadrunner

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Where Can i get the Best training on Loadrunner..

Answer / loadrunner4u@gmail.com


Course Description
This course covers all aspects of using LoadRunner, from
planning your load test scenarios, through to developing
your VuGen scripts, executing your scenarios and finally
analyzing your results. The course covers real-world best
practices for effective use of the software.
Throughout the course practical examples are demonstrated,
and the delegates get to practice what they have learned in
each chapter with hands-on exercises. An optional 1 day lab-
based practical is also offered, which gives you the
opportunity to plan & execute a performance test project
from start to finish. The course is intended for anyone
that is new to LoadRunner.

please contact us if you are interested .
Mobile: 9505109809,9010180813
Mail: loadrunner4u@gmail.com

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Where Can i get the Best training on Loadrunner..

Answer / saravanan

Real time loadrunner 9.1 in chennai


1. Conver Vuser,Controller,Aanalysis
2. Interview question tips
3. loadrunner resume preparation
4. Loadrunner test script,Smoke test script and parameter template preparation

Saravanan S

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Where Can i get the Best training on Loadrunner..

Answer / qspiders

QSPIDERS, Bangalore.

Basavanagudi - 9845687781
Rajajinagar - 9972655088
Old Airport Road - 9900002866

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Where Can i get the Best training on Loadrunner..

Answer / mallikarjuna

the best coaching centre for load runner in bangalore is
ACQUIESCENT. they cover all parts of the course and also
helps in resume preparation, and also guides you in
attending interviews.

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