what are the risks you faced with loadrunner

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Explain the architecture of ur application ?

1 Answers   Wipro,

If a Page is having 5 Links and there are 5 users and each user is clicking on one link. How can we achieve it in Loadrunner.

2 Answers  

How do you perform functional testing under load?

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What is the latest version and language used in load runner?

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Suppose you are not using Web server (But using Application Server and DB server). Then what are the graphs available in LoadRunner?

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how can we record the Ajax Script, when some of the validations devloped in AJax using Loadrunner 8.0. I know there is separate protocol in LR 9.0

5 Answers  

what is the difference between HTTP & HTTPS

1 Answers   SumTotal,

How many types of scripts generated in Load Runner?

3 Answers  

we have Unix monitors in LR by default. if i want Linux and Solaris monitors....what i do.. unix is working for Linux and solaris?

1 Answers   HP,

Where do u use Performance testing ?

4 Answers   TCS,

Hi My question is, when u involve in a real time project how did involve(role) from the begining to at relase the product what risks and steps takes ? plz only for real timers, i dont want bookish knowledge (Chandana) prf ble to Ans this one for Mr Srinivas,Mr Ajay etc.... Thank u

3 Answers  

what is remote performance monitering?

0 Answers   LG, Pexus,