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Multi currency payments?

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Multi currency payments?..

Answer / ranichalasani

We multiple currency transactions are allowed in parables
but, we can payment currency should be same as the invoice

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Multi currency payments?..

Answer / srikanthreddy

For this multi currency we need enable multi currency check
box for the respective bank.
Need to create payment formats that need to select multi
currency option the payment format need to attach to
respective bank in the payable documents tab.

In supplier site level also need to enable multi cuurency

Then u can able to multi currency payments.


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Multi currency payments?..

Answer / tgs100

The requirement you are looking for is available in Oracle Fusion/Cloud.

In R12, we can not have different invoice currency and payment currency. Ex: invoice currency in USD and payment current in EUR (in the same invoice) is not possible.

But in Oracle Fusion, this functionality is added. We can now select a payment currency different from invoice currency.
For Example, Ledger currency - USD, Invoice currency - EUR and Payment currency - INR (Ofcourse, conversions should have been defined for all these currencies). System will automatically calculate the gain/loss and create appropriate accounting entries.

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