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What is keyword driven testing..what is the use of this in
Automated testing

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What is keyword driven testing..what is the use of this in Automated testing..

Answer / anji

It sounds like business process testing where you might be
able to write business logic/code and develop your script
and those scripts can be call from outside of your test.
Moreover there might be various functions libraries to be
build and to be use, Recovery Scenarios, OR maintenance etc
will provide your test Reusable.

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What is keyword driven testing..what is the use of this in Automated testing..

Answer / subhash pasupuleti

My two cents
Keyword Driven Testing is synonomous with Framework based
Testing. We use user defined Keywords in Excel sheet(first
column)and a list of parameters in 2nd and subsequent column.

Driverscript imports the excel sheet into Global data sheet.
Reads line by line and using Case statement calls
appropriate Action( or Functions) and passes the parameter
values defined

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