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QTP Query:

Hello to all,

I'm getting an error (as below) when I perform descriptive
programming on any Web application.

"The test run cannot continue due to an unrecoverable
error.The "myvar_0" object was not found in the Object
Check the Object Repository to confirm that the object
exists or to find the correct name for the object "

But I do not have any problem when I perform the same
descriptive programming on a Windows application such as
Sample Application - Flight.

Previosly , I had prepared a lot of scripts - both via
creating the properties collection object and by giving the
description in string arguments and implemented them on
Flight and they're working perfectly fine.I'm using QTP
Version 9.2

The sample script I have used for Web application is as
below :

Set myvar_0 = Description.Create

'Setting property collection object for Browser
myvar_0("class").value = "Browser"
myvar_0("name").value= ".*"

'Setting property collection object for Page
Set myvar_1 = Description.Create
myvar_1("class").value = "Page"
myvar_1("name").value= ".*"

'Setting property collection object for Text box
Set myvar_2 = Description.Create
myvar_2("class").value = "WebEdit"
myvar_2("name").value= ".*"

'Setting property collection object for Button
Set myvar_3 = Description.Create
myvar_3("class").value = "WebButton"
myvar_2("name").value= ".*"

SystemUtil.Run "C:\Program Files\Internet
("hello how are you ?")

As our application is a Web based application, I was
planning to make a few changes in regards to the object
names, but unfortunately I am getting the above mentioned

Could anyone please advice me, whether it could anything to
do with the run setting or anything else.I am getting the
same error even while implementing on our Sample
Application - Mercury Tours website.

I would be grateful to anybody who can solve my problem !!

QTP Query: Hello to all, I'm getting an error (as below) when I perform descriptive p..

Answer / kotike

myvar_0("class").value = "Browser"

Instead of "class" you just take "micclass" in all the
locations where ever you defined the class.

i hope it may help you.


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