How Qtp will identifies object during run time

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How Qtp will identifies object during run time..

Answer / ayaan

To answer what Jitu's interviewer asked -

The default mandatory properties for a Web Image object are
the alt, html tag, and image type properties. There are no
default assistive properties defined. Suppose your Web site
contains several space holders for different collections of
rotating advertisements. You want to record a test or
component that clicks on the images in each one of these
space holders.
However, since each advertisement image has a different alt
value, one alt value would be recorded when you create the
test or component, and most likely another alt value will
be captured when you run the test or component, causing the
run to fail. In this case, you could remove the alt
property from the Web Image mandatory properties list.
Instead, since each ad image displayed in a certain space
holder in your site has the same value for the image name
property, you could add the name property to the mandatory
properties to enable QuickTest to uniquely identify the
Also, suppose that whenever a Web image is displayed more
than once on a page (like a logo displayed on the bottom
and top of a page), the Web designer adds a special ID
property to the Image tag. Thus, the mandatory
properties are sufficient to create a unique description
for images that are only displayed once on the page, but
you also want QuickTest to learn the ID property for images
that are displayed more than once on a page. To do
this, you add the ID property as an assistive property, so
that QuickTest learns the ID property only when it is
necessary for creating a unique test object description.

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How Qtp will identifies object during run time..

Answer / jitu

Itold it will learn mandatory properties,assistive
properties,etc but the interviewer says give eample of
mandatory property,assistive property..

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How Qtp will identifies object during run time..

Answer / geena

In the run time QTP read the VB Script and compare line by
line with the OBJREPOSITORY and then compare with the
application. If ObjRepo's objects and appications objects
are same u get pass otherwise u get fail result.

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How Qtp will identifies object during run time..

Answer / deven

To access runtime objects we can use GETROProperty and
SETTOProperty to change the TESTOBJECT property in QTP.

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How Qtp will identifies object during run time..

Answer / chandana


i think by its logical name, and class


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How Qtp will identifies object during run time..

Answer / chandini

I think itz GetROProperty, it recognizes the run-time

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