what is portability of sas programmes?

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what is portability of sas programmes?..

Answer / devashish

Transferring SAS Program from one remote Location to
anathor is portabilty of SAS Program

Access to SAS/CONNECT Required

also Transferring a dataset or SAS file requires Transport

Use of XPORT and porc Copy

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what is portability of sas programmes?..

Answer / jim e

I would suggest that this is the ability to run SAS code
under different operating systems. Obviously there are OS
restrictions such as how the libname statement syntax is

Basic SAS code will transport between OS but you need to
check some things like operators. If you use NE, GT, LT,
GE, LE then you wouldn't need to change those aspects of
your code between MVS and Windows wheras ¬=, < and > etc
would need to be changed. The concatenation operator !! is
usable in both too. If you use SAS Connect with (proc
upload and proc download) to port you code and data between
OS then SAS takes care of these changes for you.

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