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define your self

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define your self..

Answer / rajat

myself rajat, who is beleive in himself, dedicated to his
work and always ready and willing to learn new information
and skills.

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define your self..

Answer / sumera114

Iam a blend of confidence ,determination and commitment

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define your self..

Answer / sahil mahajan

i am sahil mahajan. i am 21 year old. i am pursuing MBA. i
am very determinant, hardworker and dedicated towards my
work. i do my work with loyality and commitment

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define your self..

Answer /

My Name is vivek Sharma.
I m properly belongs from bhind m.p.
I have completed my b.e. in mechanical from sirt bhopal in 2014.
I have good team managing property and coordinator and purely self dedicated to achive my goals. Currently i m work in tafe as a Field Officer from Oct.2015. My Father name is Shi Kumar Sharma and My Mother Name is Sanju Devi.

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define your self..

Answer / chandana

In this we need to answer about our strenghts, acheviments
and the things which will show our identity as a persons and
apart form this ur educational background, ur hobbies. They
will ask this question mainly to know abt ur approach and
also abt ur fulency.

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define your self..

Answer / awadhesh dammani

hey there is a boy belongs to a simple class family with
but having a blend of confidence,motivation and
determination in his life.He is belongs to top 5 students
in his class ever and wants to become a top class
buisnessman & doing hardwork to achive that.he is always
ready to face challenges and very eger to learn about new
things and information related.he belives in his 3D
formula "Desire,Determine/Dedication,Destination"
that boy name is "AWADHESH MAHESHWARI"

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define your self..

Answer / pooja

I am pooja vispute 17 year old girl and i am blend of
confidence,determinationand confidence

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define your self..

Answer / guest

im sartaj khan 25 year old with litral thinking man i
beleave hardword and work dedication towords job i comleted
my eduction in 2003 from that time to still im doing jobs
in call center as a coustetumer care excutive in differnt
compny i,e mtnl.or tata indicom basically in both compny im
in inbound prosess both compny profile is related to mobile
telecommuinication i would like to mention my family back
ground im belongs to verry educated family basiclly most of
family member setteled in australia lived in joint family
two brother boath are in australia doing his own bussiness
and two sister both are merride and living in australia in
india me and mom dad.

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