wat is perpose of TRM ?(Test responsibility Matrix)

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wat is perpose of TRM ?(Test responsibility Matrix)..

Answer / b.venkat reddy

test responsibility matrix is a shows thatthe matrix mapped
between development stages and test factors.

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wat is perpose of TRM ?(Test responsibility Matrix)..

Answer / nikhil


TRM is nothing but Test Resposibility Matrix is mapping
between development stages and testing issues (15 issues at

the coloumn is of development stages and testing issues are
in rows.

testing issues like
access control
audit trail
ease of use
ease of operation

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wat is perpose of TRM ?(Test responsibility Matrix)..

Answer / santhoshkumar

Test Responsibility Matrix is shows difference between the
matrices and test cases.

It tells when we are going to stop preparing the test cases.

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wat is perpose of TRM ?(Test responsibility Matrix)..

Answer / bib

Well i guess TRM is Tracability Responsibility Matrix. it's
a matrix which shows dat atleast there is one testcase
written for 1 requirement.

plz correct me if i am wrong

Mail me@ chikun.acharya@gmail.com

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