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hi frnds. can any one tel me vat is ECP, BVA ? & in testing,
what testing we will done first ? either A or B ?
A.regression testing, B. Resting ? & tell me why it is done
first, when is other testing is to be done ? pls frnds
answer me soon.... tank u all ..

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hi frnds. can any one tel me vat is ECP, BVA ? & in testing, what testing we will done first ? ..

Answer / sunithayagnamurthy

Hi frnd
BVA(Boundary Value Analysis):means Boundary Value
Analysis .to validate the data minimunm value to maximum
ECP:(Equelence Class Partition):ECP means Equelence
Class Partition.this data to validate Valid invalid data
For ex: valid data Invalid data
A to z
1 to 1000 special characters
login with valid useraname
valid user name should containe alphabets and numbers
Invalid username should contain special characters
***we will done retesting first.
retesting means to test diffrent combinations of data

Regression testing:
regression testing means test enginers test the build and
if any defects is found in the application test engineer
report the defects to the development team.development team
resolve the defect and send to modified build to the
testing team.then testing team conduct regression test that
defect is modified oor not.This is the regression testing.

hai this is sunithayagnamurthy.If any mistakes is thr
please Excuse.
all the best

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hi frnds. can any one tel me vat is ECP, BVA ? & in testing, what testing we will done first ? ..

Answer / sunithayagnamurthy.heartcom in

hi this is sunithayagnamurthy,
ECP: Euelence Class patition:it test valid & invalid
BVA means Boundary Value analysis it test the maximum value
to minimum value

regression testing:sfter releasing the build the testertest
the build and report to the developerand after developer
modify the build and after relesing the modified the build
again themodified the build is modified or not thats is
called the regression testing
retesting:it test the different combinations of data that
is called the retesting

****** we will done retesting first

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hi frnds. can any one tel me vat is ECP, BVA ? & in testing, what testing we will done first ? ..

Answer / prashanth

Hey Sunithayagnamurthy,
The Logic above for Retesting and Regression testing is
Nearly correct.I shall be glad, if i get some more in
detail for Retesting..Do u have a seperate test cases for
Retesting Sunitha?..Plz let me kw u'r view on that.

Sunitha, i wannna ask u , u Gave 2 answers for BVA and ECP
rite? Just let me knw , for BVA (IS it testing Min to
Max or Max to Min).

Here is my email id
Thank u!

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hi frnds. can any one tel me vat is ECP, BVA ? & in testing, what testing we will done first ? ..

Answer / shalini

ECP(Equalence Class Partitioning) : ECP used for to
validate valid / Invalid data. ECp For PhoneNo is as
Valid data Invalid Data
0-10 numerics Alphabates
- SpecialCharacter Remaining specialcharacters

BVA (Boundary Value Analysis) :BVA of the PhoneNo is,

InputConditions OutPut

16-1 Pass
16 Pass
16+1 Fail
8-1 Fail
8 Pass
8+1 Pass

*** First we should do Retesting. why because
Retesting means , testing the application with different
kind of data.
Regresion means , If any bug i.e (found by tester and
fixed by developper)resolved by development team, we will
do regression test for to check that bug is resolved or not
on modifeid build.regression testing is nothing but testing
on modified build.

friend any mistakes are there excuse me.

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