What is the need and applications of learning VB script for
a automation(QTP) engineer ain Realtime ?

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Answer / ajreddy

To do descriptive programing

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Answer / rajesh

Just image an software product for commerical purpose. To
test this application there are 1000 test cases out of which
350 test cases are automated. Maintanance(execution and post
processing the results of recorded scripts of 350 test
scripts takes minimum 70% of the manual testing efforts. The
size of over all scripts for all the test cases becomes huge
and tedious to maintain.

VB is Object oriented scripting language, so learning VB
helps to customized the VB Scripts, remove redundancy by
using resuable components as per the framework guidelines
which accomplishes the test execution task simple,
efficient, effective in maintainance and finally reducing
the test cycle.

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