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What is a NULL value? What are the pros and cons of using

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What is a NULL value? What are the pros and cons of using NULLS?..

Answer / s

NULL Value indicates the absence of a value. DB2 treats
NULL as an actual value and is not equal to blank, zero or
empty string.

The default value of a CHAR data type is blanks, VARCHAR is
empty string and INT,SMALLINT,FLOAT etc is 0.
NULL is not equal to any of the above.

NULLs does not satify any condition in the SQL except when
IS NULL predicate is used. Null can be used at times when
you cannot specify a value for a column, eg middle names,
not everyone has middle names.

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What is a NULL value? What are the pros and cons of using NULLS?..

Answer / sunil1405

A null value indicates that there is blank value in the
column field. It takes one byte of storage. Null value
requires special prog. to be handled in the app. prog

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