what is the Kisan call center

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what is the Kisan call center..

Answer / guest

Kisan call center is the Toll free helpline ( 1551 ) set up
by MOA . Farmer call through their landline for free of
cost. Agri- Expert at the other other give reply and
solution to their problem.

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what is the Kisan call center..

Answer / sukhjinder singh

Minstry of Agriculture Set up instrastructure to help
farmers. KISAN CALL CENTER Experts are Graduate and post
Graduates in their Subject matter of Agriculture. They are
helping farmer since 2004 . Even a Scientist cannot give
such information to farmer because KCC Experts are very
Deep knwlgde and direct interaction with farmer.
But MOA outsource the contract of Employement to Caretel .
So Caretel Pay very less salry to KCC Agents i.e Rs 8300
in hand. On the other hand Caretel start new funda. Caretel
doesnt pay anything for extra work or work done on public
holiday or on gazetted holiday. The KCC agents work from 6
Am to 10 Pm but no shift Allowance being paid to KCC Agents.
The Kisan Call center is now converted into Test calls
for Caretel . The primary objective of Kisan Call center is
to provide infoarmtion to Farmer . But now these Caretel
officer make it call center like AIRTEL and VODAPHONE where
a + 2 Pass give welcome address.
Kisan Call center is not a call center , it is Agriculture
inforamtion center. So there shld not be any welcome
Moreover If you do not pay Right Salary to KCC agents than
Govt is loosing expert knowldge.
Also Living cost is very high in every Capital accorss
country. No HRA is being Paid. Caretel make profit from its
business but not increment or bonous is being paid to its
staff ( KCC)
KCC Agents are honourd B.Sc Agri and M.Sc Agri, But there
designation are CSR. Their future is not clear.
How country farmer can expect good knowldge ??

We recommend that govt should undertake KCC agents . Govt
pay Salary . Other thing shld remain same.

Every month there shld be tranining of KCC Agents in their
respective Agri Univeristy.

No one shld allowed to make test calls, or any kind of
welcome address , Becoz welcome address look commercail.

Any other suggestion are also welcome.

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what is the Kisan call center..

Answer / akash

level-1 expert give her good solution for
agricuture ,subsidy or animalhusbendry.
all haryana and punjab farmer are very happy these solution
is good.expert sallry is very low.

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what is the Kisan call center..

Answer / mandeep kumar

Kisan call center is the Toll free helpline (
1551 ,18001801551) set up
by MOA (ministry of agriculture)govt of india. Farmer call
through their landline or mobile for free of
cost. Agri- Expert at the other give reply and
solution to their problem.

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what is the Kisan call center..

Answer / shailesh

it"s a toll free helpline, which is the usefull fore farmar
and solve there problems.

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what is the Kisan call center..

Answer / reema

Kisan Call center is facilty for Farmer where farmer can
get information about thier crops, Animals and new
technology in Agriculture. It is operated from 6 am to 10
pm all over India. It is managed by Minstry of Agriculture,
Govt of India. Each state have one kisan call center
located mainly in the capital city.
The Kisan call center( KCC) are working 365 days. Minstry
hire Agriculture Post gruadute and gruduate . These
professional are given on the Job training. After 6 month
to one year these professionl become expert and able to
give best reply.

The KCC have one big problem.
Anyone who join Kisan call center doesnt remain on job for
more than 1 year or 2 year. This is becuase the Govt pay
very less salary. Govt is spending millons of Rupees to
KVK, Directorate of Agriculture, in many form of subsidy
which are not much benficial to Farmer . KCC is more
benifiting the farmer but govt do not pay attention. This
situation is very alarming. Either govt should close the
KCC or should Increase the Salary of Kisan call center
experts to atleast ADO Level. Another benifit should
include HRA , Holiday bonus, Annual bonus. The salary
should be not less than 28000 Per month. No one will leave
the KCC .

Moreover KCC is based on contract with a BPO company. The
Govt should run KCC themselves instead of Company.
Each Level -1 Expert ( KCC EXPERT) should be given a
monthly training.
This way this Unique model of Agri extension will benifit
more from its current situation. The main issue is Salary.


Ex Employee of Kisan call center

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what is the Kisan call center..

Answer / zauva

kisan call center is a an information center about the
agriculture ( crops, animal, farm management etc.) from
which farmers can acquire the information regarding the
problems they are facing through a toll free helpline.
The workers in the call center are getting a very less pay
(only Rs.9333) though they are having very less holidays.
getting only Rs 9333 per month in the city by an
agricultural post graduate and graduate is not upto the
satisfaction and and should be increased, so that the kcc
worker will remain permanently and the performance of the
call center wil be better with experienced worker.
more over the workers are not getting any other
banifitiary like lunch, breakfast etc.
they are getting only the salary, so the pay needs to be

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what is the Kisan call center..

Answer / shyam sunder

It is help farmer for agriculture problem by expert

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what is the Kisan call center..

Answer / ajay kumar patel

kissan call centre

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what is the Kisan call center..

Answer / satish kumar agarwal

kisan call center ek aisi sansta ka naam hai jo kisano ko samay 2 par naye ayr taotazi jankari uplabdh karati hai vo bhee free me.

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