What ate the chief constituents of soil ? What do you
understand by the term solid erosion and soil conservation

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What ate the chief constituents of soil ? What do you understand by the term solid erosion and soi..

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Soil is made up of unorganic and organic compounds air and water
(containing substances). Micro organisms both animals and
plants, are also present in it. The relative proportion of
the various components varies greatly depending upon the
nature of the soil, its depth and the state of its
irrigation. As average garden soil has the following
composition-(In this living organisms are not taken into

Mineral matter = 40% by volume
Water = 25% by
Air =25%
by volume
Organic matter = 10% by volume
Soil erosion is the loss of fertile top-soil.
The main agents which bring about soil erosion are water
and wind. The following are the main factors which caused
soil erosion-

(a) Overgrazing of grass lands
(b) Destruction of forests
(c) Destruction of wild lives
(d) Improper methods of agriculture.

Human beings ate completely dependent upon the
soil for our basic needs (e.g. food, clothes, material used
in building etc). Which the loss of the valuable upper
layer of the soil are also lost the best guarantees of
continuous supply of food and humber. Therefore it is
necessary for us to protect the soil against loss. The
protection termed as soil conservation. As a result of
unchecked soil erosion large area in India, Africa, China
and Latin America have been converted into deserts of rock
and shifting sand

Following ate the few important methods which
are used for soil conservation-

(a) Replanting of forests and growing grass-lands.
(b) Contour planting
(c) Strip Cropping
(d) Terracing
(e) Control of grazing
(f) Rotation of Crops
(g) Construction of soil saving dam.

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What ate the chief constituents of soil ? What do you understand by the term solid erosion and soi..

Answer / kailash

organic matter
and air
solid erosion is lass of nutrient by soil water and air there are directly effect on organic matter and loss of soil quality
conservation is most important part of agriculture its save to life

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