General Science Interview Questions
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What ate the most essential parts of the human body ?

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What is blood ? Describe its functions in the human body ?

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Why is food necessary for human body ?

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What are the divisions of food according to the functions it performs ? Describe them

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What do you understand by nutritive constituents of food ?

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What are vitamins ? describe different kinds of vitamins

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What is balanced diet? Give the everyday diet of a normal man.

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Why is it necessary to cook food ?

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What are the points to be born in mind while eating to avoid disease?

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Difference between Respiration and Photosynthesis ?

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What is the Biology ?

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What is the Botany?

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What is the zoology ?

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What is the microbiology ?

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What is the morphology ?

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is the big bang theory correct, because as I wondered the explosion is too powerful that no one could survive after galaxies were created no life exist on it after the 3.5 billion years life exist so... my question is were is the life came from?


What is length and weight of arihant?


Why we use nhexane inplace of hexane in mobilepase preparation


Which of the following metals is a better conductor of electricity? A. Silver B. Copper


The year in which magnetic observations were started in mumbai and thiruvananthapuram?


When was the second and third experimental explosion conducted?


What is one light hour?


What is voltage? ?? What type of of show voltage. ?? Practillay how's voltage?


What is used in arihant’s atomic reactor?


What is one light minute?


How can i describe the blood?


When a person sends a message to someone with the Internet, there are steps that happen to the recipient to receive the message. How does the recipient know that the message was not edited by someone else?


Please can someone tell me, how many times during a 12 hour period, do the hands of a clock face opposite each other? I believe its 11. Also, would this be the same, no matter WHAT the starting time? i.e. if the 12 hour period started at 6 o clock, would it still be 11 times? Many thanks for your help.


Science is both a process and product-Substantiate


Which scientists gave detailed information about nebula?