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General Science Interview Questions
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What ate the most essential parts of the human body ?

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What is blood ? Describe its functions in the human body ?

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Why is food necessary for human body ?

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What are the divisions of food according to the functions it performs ? Describe them

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What do you understand by nutritive constituents of food ?

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What are vitamins ? describe different kinds of vitamins

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What is balanced diet? Give the everyday diet of a normal man.

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Why is it necessary to cook food ?

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What are the points to be born in mind while eating to avoid disease?

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Difference between Respiration and Photosynthesis ?

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What is the Biology ?

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What is the Botany?

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What is the zoology ?

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What is the microbiology ?

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What is the morphology ?

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Un-Answered Questions { General Science }

I am a student of class 12. PCMB group. I am not getting admission in any of the medical colleges. And I am not good at math. So what are the options available for me????


What are the important factors of cosmic rays?


Which of the following metals is a better conductor of electricity? A. Silver B. Copper


Who was the first cosmonaut?


how longs & what conditions will a matter, say for example U, after an atomic explosion and was converted completely into energy will again condensed back into a matter named U'


List out the General Objectives of teaching Physical science at Primary stages.


Who commanded the challenger’s first flight?


In which year the solar observatory in kodikanal founded?


exactly how does an RTD 3 wire or 4 wire device cancel out the resistance of the wires , opposed to a 2 wire RTD? Is it because you have resistors in parallel , or because something to do with the electronic circuit the RTD is connected to ?


Which is india’s largest nuclear research reactor?


What is one light year?


How can i describe the blood?


List and explain two instances of Correlation Science with Life Situation


What are luminous irregular nebulae?


Describe the evolution of science and its impact on society