General Science Interview Questions
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What ate the most essential parts of the human body ?

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What is blood ? Describe its functions in the human body ?

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Why is food necessary for human body ?

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What are the divisions of food according to the functions it performs ? Describe them

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What do you understand by nutritive constituents of food ?

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What are vitamins ? describe different kinds of vitamins

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What is balanced diet? Give the everyday diet of a normal man.

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Why is it necessary to cook food ?

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What are the points to be born in mind while eating to avoid disease?

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Difference between Respiration and Photosynthesis ?

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What is the Biology ?

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What is the Botany?

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What is the zoology ?

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What is the microbiology ?

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What is the morphology ?

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where is the indragandhi furnal in delhi, who is bulit in krishna sagar dam

1192 VLSM require 112 ip addresses answer = 128/23 rang 2 network address gateway broadcast


Why the diesel generator suddenly increases the output voltage and avr get shorted ... And also increases the load the generator decreases the voltage why ..and also the output power in amps generated in 30 kv diesel generator ..


we know in mathematics that a matrix is an arrangement (array) of different elements , memebers . Then, how does the movie "Matrix" relate with this concept. In movie "Matrix" we have seen that it shown a war between machines & humans. And we know to operate machines we need code like 0 1 & 1 0 . How ? explain ?


hai sir pls send me Appsc Assistant Statistical Officer(ASO) previous papers. And Apsrtc MST previous papers. Thanks you sir.


what are the advantages and disadvantages of rational knowledge?


Which country has no sunrise?


When a person sends a message to someone with the Internet, there are steps that happen to the recipient to receive the message. How does the recipient know that the message was not edited by someone else?


what is office automation?

1028 is a private address - for 120 subnets how many bits does one borrow from the HOST bits


Why we use nhexane inplace of hexane in mobilepase preparation


what the defference from anti virus and spyware and adware also? Please descript?


Why we use nhexane inplace of hexane in mobilepase preparation


is the big bang theory correct, because as I wondered the explosion is too powerful that no one could survive after galaxies were created no life exist on it after the 3.5 billion years life exist so... my question is were is the life came from?


name all the density all cloth,metals,materials?