Medicine Interview Questions
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What is bundle of His?

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What is the function of jugular veins?

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What is the use of Epididymis?

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What is Corpus Luteum?

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What is the function of Epiglottis?


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What are the female sex hormones secreted by ovary?


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What is the difference between diabetes mellitus and diabetes insipidus?

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Name the hormone concerned with starting of labour pains and causing the uterus to contract ?

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What is the normal range of frequency of human ear?


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Where does the cephalic vein begin and end?

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What is a varicose vein?

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what are contractures?

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what type of joint is the upper ankle?


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Which muscle lies deep to gluteus medius?

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what is ORA QUICK?

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Un-Answered Questions { Medicine }

why hyper acute t waves appears in anterior leads of ECG during exercise


If told during my second c section that i had a ruptured uterus would i have been able to walk in that morning pain free for my planned operation .Please i am confused


Tell me some techniques you employ to keep an office organized?


Pl. Brief me about scope for Msc nursing in India. wrt salary, pay scale in Govt. job, status & job security.


What treatment do you offer for psoriasis?


How much chairside experience do you have? Are you more comfortable working with children or adults?


Does the surgical method for open heart surgery differ today? If so, how?


what is streptococcus and the best drug for it


Where is the ureter most likely to be injured during pelvic surgery?


Do you have any office/administrative experience?


What are the criteria for referring a patient with second- degree burns to a plastic surgeon?


In the past, how have you calmed down upset patients?


What does the psychic phase do?


38 years old male was with an ankle fracture at the calcaneus with sergical operation the internal fixation and splent is done for 3M after the removing of the splent and the pens he had a pain and limetation with all the foot movement he don't have any power loss with the MMT he was good ... plan and goals for thies case ??


plz. give me advice for i dont want pragnent.