Physics Interview Questions
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How to calculate an orbit at a given altitude?


What is the difference between Diffraction and Refraction?

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what is the difference between delta G and delta G powers zero?

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what is Lambert's cosine law?

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what is the use of photometre?

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How to caluculate the luminous efficiency?


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what is astigmatism?

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what is the difference between monochromatic and chromatic aberrations?

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what is doppler effect?


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what is the difference between covalent solid and ionic solid?

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how the aspirator pump works?


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how to caluculate buoyant force in accelerating fluids?


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what are black holes?


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what is the kepler's second law of planetary motion?


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A wheel of perimetre 220cm rolls ona level road at a speed of 9 km per many revolutions does the wheel make per second?

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Un-Answered Questions { Physics }

Is their any rule in significant figures that maximum number of significant figures in a number are 5


what are the Newtons principles? what is mean by gravitational force? what is mean by space technology? what is the use in space technology?


on 21st march and 23rd september 1.the direct rays of the sunfall on the equator. 2.the slanting rays fall on the equator. 3.only the northpole is tilted towards the sun. 4.only the south pole is tilted towards the sun.


What is Voltage Dip? why it is required for Generator Sizing?


What happens if flattening filter comes in bettwwen treatment of 9 Mev electron beam theraphy.


explain principle of potentiometer


Why it becomes bitterly cold as soon as the snow starts melting?


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what is the structure of atomic nuclei and how do complex systems derive their properties from their individual constituents?


Layers of atmosphere inversion of temperature is noticed in toposphere or in statosphere ?


i want to increase my ups back time ,i have added one 12v 68ah battery to my ups but it is not working ,is it possible to make adjustment so that new battery will work.


For measuring weight of 2cm3 piece of density 4gm/cm3 which spring balance is best suited what is the range and least count how we calculate


advantage and disadvantage of bhopal tragedy


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