Physics Interview Questions
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How to calculate an orbit at a given altitude?


What is the difference between Diffraction and Refraction?

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what is the difference between delta G and delta G powers zero?

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what is Lambert's cosine law?

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what is the use of photometre?

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How to caluculate the luminous efficiency?


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what is astigmatism?

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what is the difference between monochromatic and chromatic aberrations?

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what is doppler effect?


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what is the difference between covalent solid and ionic solid?

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how the aspirator pump works?


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how to caluculate buoyant force in accelerating fluids?


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what are black holes?


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what is the kepler's second law of planetary motion?


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A wheel of perimetre 220cm rolls ona level road at a speed of 9 km per many revolutions does the wheel make per second?

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Un-Answered Questions { Physics }

In universe there exist temperature of 1000000 degree Centigrade, does there also exist the temperature of -1000000 degree centigrade ?? (in order to satisfy newton's second law)


The system shown in the figure is in equilibrium. The metal spheres are identical and each has a mass of 2 kg. The surface areas of the pistons are equal and 100 square centimeters each. The density of water is 1 g per cubic centimeter. Assuming that the frictions and masses of the pistons are negligible, what is the mass of G? ( g = 10N/kg )


1.when a diode has its maximum resistance? ohm's applicable for an ac circuit?  


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Similar charges repel while dissimilar ones attract each other. How does two electrons attract each other during the formation of bond or why don't the protons in the nucleus repel?


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What is ampourpose?


For measuring weight of 2cm3 piece of density 4gm/cm3 which spring balance is best suited what is the range and least count how we calculate


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what are the Newtons principles? what is mean by gravitational force? what is mean by space technology? what is the use in space technology?


what is overall expansion,hp expansion,ip expansion and axial shaft of a steam turbine?


explain principle of potentiometer


which electronic devices used at low frequencies? and high frequencies?and microwave frequencies?


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