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What is PEPSSI?

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What is Para Psychology?

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how many times a wheel revolves in a mile

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what is the difference between diffusion and osmsis?

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how will mapping between testcases and requirments(tracebility matrix) in manual testing without using any bug tracking tool



sap question.. i want to call a text module through the program which i have created with the help of so10 . how can i do this.



Is foam a compound or element?Lead?Wood?Black Wood?Rubber? Gold Metal?Silver Metal?Plastic cylinder cube?

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What is L44 Kernel? please define and explain?

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What is virtual Machine and how it works ?


Describe briefly how an amobea exchanges oxygen and carbon dioxide gases with its surroundings.


how to suspend a heavy density powder in alcohol


What does i. Salt ii. Vinegar iii. Heat iv. Sugar v. Very cold vi. Drying vii. Pressurization viii. Preservatives ix. Radiating do to the food? in regards to preserving food.


write a program which calculates for every five digit integer entered on a keyboard, a numerical code computed as follows:first digit multiplied by 2+ second digit divided by 3 and the quotient multiplied by the third digit, + the fourth digit + the fifth digit divided by 2. the program should then display the following results 1, the code calculated from the integer value entered 2, the character value corresponding to the code as per the ASCII TABLE 3, Given any three 5-digit integer number, display the corresponding three-character code key:


which state was ranked fist inproducing rice and 2nd in producing potatos?


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end a movie clip using script in flash 5


describe a time when you were responsible for organizing different types of personnel to get work done and some of them weren't very enthusiastic. what did you do?


what is multithreading


what are solar cell operated vehicles


Briefly describe how three types of page tables works and compare their benefits.


What form of energy goes into a hydroelectric energy station? What comes out?


why every planet of our universe revolves with ellipsical circle around the sun?


why we use special regent like hexane, taluene and potassium dicromate in uv clabration.


What is the difference between limit of quantification and limit of quantitation?


why the input impedance of FET is more than BJT


If 2 is a prime no , then write a C program to test a number is prime or not


why the down linking frequency of a satellite is smaller than uplinking frequency?


Hi I have done my B.Sc computers and my query is that do i have to compulsory write GRE or TOFEL to study in US. Please let me whether I am eligibly for GRE or TOFEL with B.Sc computers.... Regards Kamal


why n when we use data abstraction???


what is eligibility for M.S