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why only MBA?why not any other professional degree you have
opted for?

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why only MBA?why not any other professional degree you have opted for?..

Answer / sugandha

I am planning to make my career in the world of business. I
want to be a successful executive/business
consultant/businessman/entrepreneur - and an MBA is the
degree which will teach me about all aspects of business and
that too in a practical way through through case studies,
projects, internship, etc.

Any other degree like MS will make me a specialist in any
one field (like technology, IT, finance, etc.) while I want
to learn about general management.

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why only MBA?why not any other professional degree you have opted for?..

Answer / md muddasir ali khan

master of business administration(MBA)is currently a hot
course, there is a lots of option after completing the
course in each & every field of corporate sector there is a
requirement of such professional in the world, after
recession the requirement of hot blood is increases for
work more faster then before............,

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why only MBA?why not any other professional degree you have opted for?..

Answer / karthikeyan

Anything I want to do, It should be in world class. For In
the business world I want to be Cheif Executive. I would
1) to kwow the business strategy
2) To know the management system
3) To know the business promotion way.
4) To know the concept of management.
5) To know the required skils for to become CEO.

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why only MBA?why not any other professional degree you have opted for?..

Answer / venkatsrihari

Because MBA is the hot cake now.It is the degree by holding
which we can easily enter into the corporate world.Moreover
MBAs are highly paid as compared to other professionals.

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