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what r the defect status for bugs

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what r the defect status for bugs..

Answer / rao

Defect statusare decided by QA & Dev. It is not manadtory
to same in all over the industry.It depends on Project size
and type and size of the team as well.

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what r the defect status for bugs..

Answer / preeti

Defect statua can be three types:
NEW>means the defect seen is he NEW one.
OPEN>defect alrready foudearlier and retested and found
CLOSED>defect founnd id solved so its status set to CLOSE
for this version.
DEFERRED> defect found id not a defect.
someimes we can also mention RE_OPEN but all this depnds on
the company process for how long they keep it as reopen or
set as the dsefetc for status "NEW"

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