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In which of the software testing phase is QA involved & QC not

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In which of the software testing phase is QA involved & QC not involved?..

Answer / gajanan

QA is quality assurance and QC is quality control. The
first one is preventive action later is detective. So QA is
generally involves in assuring that no detect goes in
QA compromises of
1.Static Code anaysis
2.Reviews(Formal and informal)

While QC comprises of
1.Dynamic Code anaysis

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In which of the software testing phase is QA involved & QC not involved?..

Answer / nite

QA is involved in the whole process of SDLC while QC is
involved in testing phase of the software testing as per the
time defined by your project manager.

QA needs to prepare an SQA document at the beginning of the
project kickoff. While the QC performs the testing as per
the SQA document.

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