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Why You Have Chosen Sales Profile?

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Why You Have Chosen Sales Profile? ..

Answer / dhiraj kumar (ipmg)

This field is consider as one of the most challenging field
where direct contact with customer is required and each
customer is unique in nature. I have better communication
skill and persuasion power. I am also capable of dealing
with the people diplomatically.

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Why You Have Chosen Sales Profile? ..

Answer / santosh joshi

Sales is the main objective of the organization by this
organization generate revenue. in short Sales is the
backbone ,mission & vision for the organization so i love
to become a strong anchor of the Backbone ,Mission & as
well as Vision of a organozation by chose a Sales Profile

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Why You Have Chosen Sales Profile? ..

Answer / anuj rathi

As this is mention in my resume that i like to interact
with the people and like to travel to know the people ,and
the sales job goes to it directly so m the suitable
candidate for this profile.

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Why You Have Chosen Sales Profile? ..

Answer / ramit sethi

as salesmen job is directly related to meeting people face
to face every day. as i like to make positive relations
with people
i meet so itis best suited job 4 me.

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Why You Have Chosen Sales Profile? ..

Answer / ajay kumar

1.sales is my area of interest
2.I like meeting peoples and have good convincing skills.
3.And last sales is present everywhere and have lots of
opportunity to grow.

So ..summing all those ...i am interested in a sales career.

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Why You Have Chosen Sales Profile? ..

Answer / raksha

I feel that i am success when i make people according to me
sales is the job where i can make people according to me
by selling them my product. it make me innovative with my

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Why You Have Chosen Sales Profile? ..

Answer / a.v.satish kumar

sale is biggest ocean it is every where in market.companies surviving bcoz of sales some thing r other its keep on selling to make sales a customer perception can b noticed and read him better and give better to him.and more over sale people are right for ceo's position.and gives sucess to organization.

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Why You Have Chosen Sales Profile? ..

Answer / vinod


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