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How do you prepare Bug Reports ? What all do you include in
Bug Report ?

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How do you prepare Bug Reports ? What all do you include in Bug Report ?..

Answer / bhargavi

Bug report preparation: on Track defects tab(mandatory) on add
3.enter all the details like:

summary:---> what test u r performing..say gui test on a
particular window
detected by: tester
assigned to: developer
test set:
project id:

In status field there r 6 options:

New--> when the bug is detected for the first time

open--> after sending the bug report to the developer

rejected---> when the bugs are found in the modified
version of the application that is sent by the developer

re-open--> when the bug report is sent to the developer for
subsequent no of times..

fixed--> when the modified version of the application is
found free from bugs..

closed--> the status is selected by the QA Lead after
verifying the test to confirm whether it is passed r not.

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How do you prepare Bug Reports ? What all do you include in Bug Report ?..

Answer / asn

While posting a bug using testdirector first of all select
the defect module in TD.
Then enter the following details related to the bug.
Desciption of the bug.
Severity and priority.
Date and version numbers.
Testers name and attachments related that bug

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How do you prepare Bug Reports ? What all do you include in Bug Report ?..

Answer / seema

most of the companies use the bug reporting tool where in
you need to enter the data, few fields are automatically

The main fields that you enter manually are:
-Bug Summary
-Bug Description along with steps to reproduce,Actual
result and expected result
-Platform notes
-Seviriouty and Priority
-Attachments if any
-Found in product
-Found in product version....

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