What is the general Command format of CICS ?

What is the general Command format of CICS ?..

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Why is it important not to execute a STOP RUN in CICS ?

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What is a Logical Unit of Work (LUW)?

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What are the main topics in CICS to prepare for interview purpose and for real time purpose?

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What is the comaera?

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Explain the cics command that is used for reading a record from the tdq?

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when a task suspends all the handle conditions via the push command, how does the task reactivate all the handle conditions?

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Explain the difference between the into and the set option in the exec cics receive map command?

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what are transient data sets defined to cics?

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Can we use both FSET n FRSET together in BMS? And if yes then what will happen?

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Explain how do you terminate an already issued delay command?

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