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What are subroutines ? and how do we pass data to the sub

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What are subroutines ? and how do we pass data to the sub routines?..

Answer / harish

subroutines are normal cobol program called by another

so data passed through linkake section

in main prog we have to code

call 'sub' using a1,a2

then in subprog accept these a1 and a2 with same name or
differnt doesnt matter

then in procedure division

procedure division using a1,a2.

pls correct me if anything wrong


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What are subroutines ? and how do we pass data to the sub routines?..

Answer / ramanuajam

subroutines are usefull, it can reduce the redendency.
and we can minimise code.

Ex. I have finance project. I need noof day calculation
between todates for every program.
I wont write this code in ever program.
i pass the date1, date2 and noof days through main program.

call 'nodays' using date1,date2,nodays.

linkage section.
01 wdate1 pic 9(8).
01 wdate2 pic 9(8).
01 wnodays pic 9(4).
procedure division using wdate1,wdate2,wnodays.

write your logic.
exit program.

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