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wht is degenerated dimension ?it's uses?

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wht is degenerated dimension ?it's uses?..

Answer / kranthi.kunta

Degenerate dimension: A column of the key section of the
fact table that does not have the associated dimension
table but used for reporting and analysis, such column is
called degenerate dimension or line item dimension.
For ex, we have a fact table with customer_id, product_id,
branch_id, employee_id, bill_no, date in key section and
price, quantity, amount in measure section. In this fact
table, bill_no from key section is a single value, it has
no associated dimension table. Instead of cteating a
seperate dimension table for that single value, we can
include it in fact table to improve performance.
SO here the column, bill_no is a degenerate dimension or
line item dimension.

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wht is degenerated dimension ?it's uses?..

Answer / suba

degenerated dimension is data that is dimensional in nature
but stored in a fact table

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wht is degenerated dimension ?it's uses?..

Answer / santosh

According to Ralph Kimbal, in a data warehouse, a degenerate dimension is a dimension which is derived from the fact table and doesn't have its own dimension table. Degenerate dimensions are often used when a fact table's grain represents transactional level data and one wishes to maintain system specific identifiers such as order numbers, invoice numbers and the like without forcing their inclusion in their own dimension. The decision to use degenerate dimensions is often based on the desire to provide a direct reference back to a transactional system without the overhead of maintaining a separate dimension table.

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wht is degenerated dimension ?it's uses?..

Answer / krishna murari

These are some date elements in the operational system
which are neither fact nor strictly dimension attributes.
These are useful for some kind of analysis.
These are kepts as attributes in fact table called
degenerated dimension

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wht is degenerated dimension ?it's uses?..

Answer / kvchowdary

degenerate dimension is a data dimension that is stored in
the fact table rather than a separate dimension table. This
eliminates the need to join to a dimension table. You can
use the data in the degenerate dimension to limit or 'slice
and dice' your fact table measure

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wht is degenerated dimension ?it's uses?..

Answer / msb.dwh

degenerated means a dimension key is add to facttable for
grouping the date transactionly but there is no table

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wht is degenerated dimension ?it's uses?..

Answer / takhatraj singh chouhan

Degenerated Dimension is a dimension key without corresponding dimension. Example:

In the PointOfSale Transaction Fact table, we have:

Date Key (FK), Product Key (FK), Store Key (FK), Promotion Key (FP), and POS Transaction Number

Date Dimension corresponds to Date Key, Production Dimension corresponds to Production Key. In a traditional parent-child database, POS Transactional Number would be the key to the transaction header record that contains all the info valid for the transaction as a whole, such as the transaction date and store identifier. But in this dimensional model, we have already extracted this info into other dimension. Therefore, POS Transaction Number looks like a dimension key in the fact table but does not have the corresponding dimension table.

Therefore, POS Transaction Number is a degenerated dimension.

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wht is degenerated dimension ?it's uses?..

Answer / nethaji

When a Fact table has dimension value stored it is called
degenerated dimension.Since a fact table doesn't store
textual items ,it should be stored in varchar datatype.
Why we are going?
Instead of maintaining a separate dimension table with
single values ,for eg.customer_policy_details='paid' ,we
can store it in fact table ,for performance.

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wht is degenerated dimension ?it's uses?..

Answer / chandu

degenerated dimension means with out having any source from
oltp system

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wht is degenerated dimension ?it's uses?..

Answer / boss

A fact table some time act as a dimention and shared with
one or more fact tables in this schema

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