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What is mean by maxcc

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What is mean by maxcc..

Answer / prasad

When we are going to compile and run the jcl after
completion we will get some return codes based upon the
concern versions we will call MAXCC or RC.

MAXCC means Maximum Conditon Code
RC means Return Code.

So we can find out based on the MAXCC or RC wether our
program has been successfully compiled and ran fine.

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What is mean by maxcc..

Answer / rookie

TO add on to answer num-3

Maxcc=0 Successful.
Maxcc=4 Successful with warnings.
Maxcc=8 Critical or Severe error.
Maxcc=12 Fatal Error.

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What is mean by maxcc..

Answer / tarun kumar jain

whenever u will submit a job u will get a return code.which
can be MAXCC=(0,4,8,16).These are severe level of return
code.If it is MAXCC=0 then u have submitted ur job
successfully without any error.

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What is mean by maxcc..

Answer / sameer

whenever we submit our job so every step gives some return
codes to the system and the maximum value return code is
called maximum condition code or MAXCC

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What is mean by maxcc..

Answer / azar

Maxcc-Maximum Condition code: It is one for job. It will be 0 if job is executes successfully.
RC-Return code: It is one for each step in the job. Each step will return some code before going to next step. That code can be called as Return Code.

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What is mean by maxcc..

Answer / timmy

What does it mean if we get a MAXCC=0000 CN(INTERNAL)?

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What is mean by maxcc..

Answer / vasu

thank u 2 every one and please can send any one of jcl material.

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