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how do u resolve contexts ?

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how do u resolve contexts ? ..

Answer / ravindra81

will u be more specific,plese. bcoz i dont understand whats
ur question meant by? Is it "How do u resolve loop/chasm
trap/fan trap?" context is a solution for the join path
path problems. u need to resolve the problems, but context
is a solution. what do u mean by resolving a context?

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how do u resolve contexts ? ..

Answer / vams_gk

go to tool -->automate detection-->detect contexts

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how do u resolve contexts ? ..

Answer / anji

first u have to confirm what question do u want?

We can't resolve the contexts, by using the contexts we can resolve the traps and loops.

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how do u resolve contexts ? ..

Answer / kishore

By using chasm trap in the contexts....

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how do u resolve contexts ? ..

Answer / kshatri

if M-1 & M-1 data are joining to the single table, then the
data is incorrect, so to solve this type of situations we
use join, and then create context in designer and If there
is a loop at the corner of the table, which is having
depending variables, then we use context. By this
performance increases.

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how do u resolve contexts ? ..

Answer / sridhar

by using alias

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